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Business Research

Our business research practice specializes in providing a full suite of qualitative and quantitative consulting services, business research and market research. Our ability to the smallest details to retrieve each sector and analyze using our own frameworks including market size estimation models helped us deliver actionable insights in a time bound and cost effective manner.

With our strong research capabilities, we assist clients across B2B and B2C surveys (online and face-to-face), Focus Group Discussions and Expert Interviews. This unique ability to blend data available in the auxiliary domain with research insights is what differentiates us and has enabled us to deliver customized solutions to address Customer challenges.

Our areas of expertise

Industry Research: We assist clients in gaining in-depth insights on the industry as well competitors and regulations. Services include Industry deep-dive, Market assessment, Market sizing studies and Competitive benchmarking

Company Research: We undertake studies such as Market Entry strategies, Diversification strategy, Feasibility studies, Market due diligence, Product concept testing, Brand tracking and Partner identification studies. Separately, we provide detailed profiling, including strategies and outlook of competitors, partners and clients

Marketing Strategy: End-to-end Sales and Marketing support is provided to clients including Key Account management, Pre-sales support, Social Media campaigns, Marketing Mix modeling, Simulated Pricing models, Brand Equity analysis as well as Customer, Web, Promotion and Marketing analytics