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Database Consulting

Scheppend's database consulting services provide experience and flexibility in delivery. The strong pool of highly skilled Database Administrators and Consultants enables the company to engage Expert Database Consulting while ensuring that its Database Co / Outsourcing customers have excellent services. Often, the company presents itself in emergency conditions to solve critical problems over time or to solve challenges that have proven beyond the capabilities or internal resources of customers.

We provide DBA consulting of any length or depth that you define, and we deliver Oracle consulting, Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) consulting, SQL Server consulting, MySQL consulting, DB2 consulting, SharePoint consulting and MongoDB consulting with one Superior performance.

Our database services diversify as follows:

  • Database High Availability
    • Database Clustering
    • Database Replication
    • Database Mirroring
    • Disaster Recovery
  • Database Performance Tuning
    • Database I/O Tuning
    • Database Management Systen Tuning
    • Database Backend SQL Tuning
  • Database Security
    • Database Vulnerability Assessments
    • Database Compliance
    • Database Abstraction
    • Database activity monitoring
  • Database Consulting
    • Database and Database Server Consolidation
    • Database Virtualization
    • Data and Database Migration
    • Data Architecting and Modeling
    • Data-Model Reverse-Engineering
    • Backend SQL Development
  • Integration Services
    • Construct and Manage Integration Packages
    • Data Integration and Transformation between heterogeneous environments
  • Reporting Services
    • Create, Deploy and Manage Reports
    • Publish and Export Reports
    • Schedule Report Processing and Access Reports on-demand